Ray Price's final sessions will be released this spring.

The iconic singer passed away last December, but he had time to record a final album for his fans.

“He called me in 2012 and said, ‘I think I have one album left in me; I’m not well, you know,’” producer Fred Foster says in a press release. “He said, ‘I want to do one last one, and I want you to do it with me.’ The whole time we were working together, his state of mind was always really good. You would never know how sick he was to talk to him.”

The project features Price's signature string and shuffle sound, and duets with Vince Gill and Martina McBride. The album, titled 'Beauty Is...,' will hit shelves at Walmart and Cracker Barrel, as well as online retailers, on April 15. A three-song EP with songs from the album will be released on March 16.

“Offstage, he was just the guy I love,” the singer's wife, Janie, says. “When that red light went on in the studio, or when he stepped onto the stage and they handed him that microphone, something happened. It was a higher power. This transformation took place in him. He turned into Ray Price.”

Ray Price, 'Beauty Is…' Track Listing:

1. 'Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder' (with Vince Gill)
2. 'This Thing of Ours'
3. 'I Can See You'
4. 'It Will Always Be'
5. 'No More Songs to Sing'
6. 'An Affair to Remember' (with Martina McBride)
7. 'Senses'
8. 'Until Then' (with Vince Gill)
9. 'Beautiful Dreamer'
10. 'I Wish I Was 18 Again'
11. 'Among My Souvenirs'
12. 'I Believe'