Rascal Flatts have released the music video for "Yours If You Want It," the lead single from their upcoming album, Back to Us. The video, which features two movie stars, was shot at Nashville's historic Hermitage Cafe.

"Our very-first-ever photo shoot, our first introduction to the world, was sitting right here," Gary LeVox told The Boot and other reporters at a media event, inside the Hermitage Cafe, to debut the "Yours If You Want It" music video. "You may not recognize him, but that’s [Chris Farley's brother] Kevin Farley starring in the video. And Kristy Swanson, she was [in] Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she was in The Chase with Charlie Sheen."

The "Yours If You Want It" video, which casts LeVox and bandmates Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney as employees of the Hermitage Cafe, was shot by famed director Billy Zabka, who also filmed the Flatts' "Why Wait" music video.

"He’s been a dear friend of ours for a long, long time," shares DeMarcus. "He’s a great director. Actually, he won an Oscar for Best Short Film back in 2008, so we’ve got an Oscar award-winning director of our music video."

The "Yours If You Want It" video is humorous -- LeVox, DeMarcus and Rooney sport aprons with their names on them while flipping burgers in a greasy kitchen -- but the Flatts are serious about the song itself. "Yours If You Want It" was penned by Jonathan Singleton and the late Andrew Dorff, who passed away in late 2016; its video is dedicated to him.

"I got to talk to Andrew shortly before the single was released. It was so awesome to have an opportunity to speak to Andrew and hear him say how much he loved our cut and our version of this song," says DeMarcus. "So, to carry that with us through this process, and know that he was pleased with what we’d done with this song ... Andrew was such a wonderful soul, and such a gifted human being, and he will forever be missed."

Back to Us will be released on May 19. "Yours If You Want It" is available for download on iTunes.

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