Rascal Flatts have revealed the cover art and track listing for their upcoming album, 'Rewind,' which will be released on May 13. The record, which is their ninth studio album, features a more stripped down sound than any of their previous projects.

“We felt like it was important for us this time, after we got together and talked, to sit down and challenge ourselves musically,” Jay DeMarcus explains. “I don’t feel like anybody knows us better than we know ourselves. So why not go in [the studio], experiment and figure out, more importantly, what not to do, as well as what to do.”

'Rewind' is also the first record the guys have released that doesn't include any songs they wrote on the album, although they co-wrote one of the deluxe tracks, 'She Must Like Broken Hearts.' They did serve as co-producers on the album, along with Howard Benson and Dann Huff.

See a complete track listing below, and pre-order 'Rewind' here.

Rascal Flatts will kick off their Rewind Tour on May 16 in St. Louis, Mo. Concert dates are listed here.

Rascal Flatts, 'Rewind'  Track List:

1. 'Payback'
2. 'Rewind'
3. 'I Have Never Been to Memphis'
4. 'DJ Tonight'
5. 'Powerful Stuff'
6. 'Riot'
7. 'Night of Our Lives'
8. 'I Like the Sound of That'
9. 'Aftermath'
10. 'I’m On Fire'
11. 'Life’s a Song'
12. 'Honeysuckle Lazy'
13. 'The Mechanic'

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

14. 'Compass'
15. 'Wildfire'
16. 'She Must Like Broken Hearts'
17. 'Bring the Family'

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