Rascal Flatts have just released the debut single, 'Rewind,' from their upcoming new album. The song features a more stripped-down arrangement than their previous tunes, focusing on their tight harmonies instead of on their signature studio production.

While that may be a departure for the trio, made up of Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney, DeMarcus says the song is indicative of how their new record will sound.

“We felt like it was important for us this time, after we got together and talked, to sit down and challenge ourselves musically,” he tells Country Weekly. “I don’t feel like anybody knows us better than we know ourselves. So why not go in [the studio], experiment and figure out, more importantly, what not to do, as well as what to do.”

After almost 15 years together and eight studio albums, it would seem the guys would be settled into a well-organized routine, but they admit they still like to challenge themselves every time they work on a new project.

“I remember one time Joe Don and I were sitting at the console doing some guitar overdubs, and we said, ‘What if we do this, and we don’t do that?’ Just a couple little things, but it was like a light bulb went off,” DeMarcus recalls. “We discovered this cool direction. . . . It’s been an exciting record because we’ve had the chance to do a bunch of different things.”

DeMarcus is co-producing some of the tracks on the upcoming record, along with longtime producer Dann Huff and rock producer Howard Benson. There's no word yet when the album will hit shelves.

The trio are gearing up for a busy 2014. They will launch their 2014 Rewind Tour on May 16 in St. Louis, Mo., with special guest Sheryl Crow, and Gloriana serving as their opening act.

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