Rascal Flatts' forthcoming album, 'Nothing Like This,' will not only include their hit single 'Why Wait,' but will also feature a collaboration with pop star Natasha Bedingfield on a song titled 'Easy.'

The trio will also release an exclusive version at Wal-mart, featuring bonus footage from the filming of the video for 'Why Wait,' featuring actor David Arquette, comedian Ron White and Las Vegas celebrities Wayne Newton, Penn & Teller and Carrot Top. The package will also contain the video in its entirety, as well.

"We're really excited about the new music and it's a different path for us this time," Rascal Flatts' bassist Jay DeMarcus tells The Boot. "We cut some things that we wouldn't have cut in the past, and we're really excited about doing something a little bit different this time. We've been with [producer] Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Steel Magnolia) now for four records, and he really pulls something new out of us every time we get in the studio. This time, we went out to Santa Barbara, Calif. for about a week and tracked and did a little recording out there, just to mix it up a little bit. We just focused on the task at hand, and we got to collaborate with each other and talk about the direction of this record and really focus on it a lot more than we had in the past years."

The guys wrapped up the fall leg of their 'Nothing Like This' tour over the weekend, and the next date they have on the books is a fundraiser for the Monroe Carell, Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt November 4 in Franklin, Tenn. The album, 'Nothing Like This,' arrives in stores November 16.

'Nothing Like This' Track List

1. 'Why Wait'

2. 'Easy' (featuring Natasha Bedingfield

3. 'Sunday Afternoon'

4. 'Play'

5. 'Nothing Like This'

6. 'All Night to Get There'

7. 'Red Camaro'

8. 'They Try'

9. 'Summer Young'

10. 'Tonight Tonight'

11. 'I Won't Let Go'

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