Rascal Flatts have just released their ninth studio album, 'Rewind,' and the new music shows the trio moving forward into musical territory they'd previously left unexplored.

In the interview above -- which was shot exclusively for our partner site, Taste of Country, as part of their 'Off the Record' series -- singer Gary LeVox says the superstar group are as competitive as ever, despite the influx of younger acts at country radio.

"Once you've had success, I think it's tougher to stay there," he acknowledges. "None of it's easy, but you have to musically continue to keep pushing, and not re-inventing, but finding a new route."

"Raising the bar," bassist/vocalist Jay DeMarcus chimes in.

"I think outside of country music, if you look at groups like U2, they're always able to tap into some other dimension of what they bring to the table," guitarist/singer Joe Don Rooney observes. "Every time they put something out, as a fan, I'm mesmerized ... but they take the time, they think it through, and they're very methodical. And I think in some ways, we take that approach; we try to."

He adds, "We take our time, especially with this project. A year and a half is a long time for us to do a project. We, in the past, have knocked them out in six months. So this one felt really good, to be relaxed with it."

The award-winning group also performed a four-song acoustic set during the taping at Nashville's Southern Ground Studio, including their current single, 'Rewind.' Take a look at those performances below.