Rascal Flatts' latest single, "Back to Us," is the second single from and title track of their latest album. The song, written by Josh Thompson, Cary Barlowe and David Hodges, became one of the Flatts' favorite songs the first time they heard it, and it remained the cornerstone of their record while they chose the rest of the songs to complete the project.

"When we cut "Back to Us," we called the album that for a reason: because we loved the song, we loved the message in the song, and it was one of the first ones that we put on hold for the album," Gary LeVox told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "We just thought it was a great segue into the next piece of the puzzle when we put this whole thing together. The lyrics and the story is amazing, so it was just kind of a no-brainer really, to go with "Back to Us.""

Although plans for the "Back to Us" music video have yet to be finalized, there's a good chance that band member Joe Don Rooney might make his directorial debut with the project. LeVox says that Rooney's writing a treatment for the clip, though they're looking at possible ideas from other filmmakers, too.

"We haven’t really zeroed in on what we’re doing yet," notes Jay DeMarcus. "We do enjoy reading people’s takes on the songs we put out."

Rooney isn't getting his hopes up too high, but he admits that he does enjoy expressing his creativity in another form besides writing and singing songs.

"I’m just theorizing some ideas, putting some stuff together," explains Rooney of his "Back to Us" music video plans. "It’s been fun to try to piece together. But I know there’s going to be some great submittals ... so we’ll see."

Rascal Flatts are nominated for Vocal Group of the Year at the 2017 CMA Awards, and the trio will kick off their Night to Shine residency in Las Vegas on Oct. 6.

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