RaeLynn isn't afraid to try something new, and the Season 2 The Voice contestant is doing just that on her current RaVe Tour. Each night, she's putting on both a traditional live show and throwing a dance party.

"I just love to dance," RaeLynn tells The Boot. "I remember telling my manager, ‘Is this weird that I want to do a big dance party after my show? I don’t think any artist has done this, and I really want to try something different.’"

RaeLynn, 22, is partnering with Radio Disney Country for the dance party portion of her RaVe Tour. The post-show dance party (there's a pre-show one as well) allows the singer to mingle with her fans after she's finished performing.

"After the show’s over, I legit go straight from the stage to the middle of the crowd, and then we’re going to have a DJ go up on the stage and just dance," she explains. "I want my fans to leave like, ‘Oh my gosh, I just had so much fun at that RaeLynn concert. I danced my butt off. It’s more fun than a club.'"

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RaeLynn's RaVe Tour will help keep her busy while her husband Josh is busy with his new job in the military. She announced the news of her husband's new career path in an Instagram post on Valentine's Day -- but RaeLynn wasn't sure at first that she wanted people to know.

"But the more I thought about it -- everybody likes to speculate something’s happening. People want to be like, ‘Are they having marriage problems?’" RaeLynn notes, adding that Josh is "doing something honorable because he wants to do something honorable. He doesn’t want to get any recognition for it; he just wants to do it."

Ultimately, though, RaeLynn decided to share Josh's big decision to explain why he wouldn't be out and about with her in public. As an added bonus, it helps normalize her life.

"We had long conversations about it, and that’s when I decided, when he was officially gone, to put out something," she continues. "Any way that I can show that I’m like my fans, I want to show, because I want to show that, yeah, we have a glamorous life, but we do go through some things as artists ... The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was the smart thing to do."

RaeLynn's new album, WildHorse, which includes the hit single "Love Triangle," is available via Amazon and iTunes. A list of all of her upcoming shows is available on her website.

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