Bubbly and upbeat, RaeLynn is quick to say she's "very blessed" and has "an amazing life," but there's one part of her childhood that wasn't so happy: her parents' divorce. It did, however, make good song material.

"I have an amazing family -- they're very supportive -- but one thing I have had to go through is, when I turned three, my parents split up," she tells The Boot. "That was really hard on me growing up because I was always that kid stuck in the middle, relaying information back and forth."

'The Voice' singer, who is currently working on her debut album, pulls no punches when discussing how it felt being in that position.

"That's not fair," the 20-year-old says. "I mean, they're grown adults, they shouldn't be doing that."

After waking up before a songwriting session "to, like, 10 text messages" from her parents, RaeLynn channeled those feelings into a tune, 'Love Triangle.'

"I knew they were arguing about something, and I was really upset, and I almost didn't go to my writing session that day, but something told me to go," she says, "and I'm so glad that I did, because I wouldn't have written this song."

Check out a video of RaeLynn performing the song above, and go to WYRK.com to hear more.

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