RaeLynn recently announced that she parted ways with her record label, but that isn't stopping her from releasing new music. The singer tells The Boot that she is hard at work on her first full-length project, which will be a glimpse into her life since appearing on Season 2 of The Voice in 2012.

"It’s really kind of what I’ve been through in the last four years," she explains. "There was a period where I was living on my own, and I was single, and then I met the love of my life, Joshua, and then I got married. It's that transition of a young woman.

"The woman that you are at 18 and the person you are at 21 is so different. And then the person you are at 21 to the person you are at 25 -- just being a woman, you change so much in your 20s and teens," RaeLynn continues. "It’s really that transition period and everything about being a girl in this world."

The 21-year-old admits that she strives for lyrics that are "really relatable" because that's what she looks for in music as a fan. To help achieve that goal, RaeLynn wrote every song on her upcoming album.

"It’s important for me to write my songs because I feel like it’s easier for me to sell it if I’ve written it, because I’ve been through it and I have a part in it.," RaeLynn notes. "I’m never opposed to an outside song if I felt like it fit me, but I just never felt like any outside song has fit me. It’s very important to my artistry and to my brand to write my own songs, because I can write, and I love writing."

The former Team Blake member is amazed at how much support she continues to receive, even without a record deal.

"Fans are so loyal in this genre," RaeLynn gushes. "The fans in this genre are so amazing and so rewarding, and like family; it’s such a blessing. I can’t wait to get a record out to them, because they’ve been so loyal, since I was 18, and they still stick by me, and it’s a really cool feeling."

RaeLynn released "For a Boy," from her new record, last year; her 2015 EP, Me, included the gold-selling single, "God Made Girls." All of her music is available for download on iTunes.