Pistol Annies fans will be glad to know that the trio is missing each other just as much as their fans are missing them. Ashley Monore says that the musical reunion of herself, Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley is "definitely brewing."

"We've been missing each other a lot," Monroe tells Fuse. "We recently went on a run with Miranda, and we all had chills every night walking up onstage. We have a lot of song ideas going. I feel like it's soon."

As Monroe notes, she and Presley joined Lambert as surprise special guests at a few of Lambert's 2015 Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour stops this fall. Still, she explains, they "never want to force it."

"You know, Pistol Annies started out that it was just organic: Me and Miranda thought of it on a couch; she had never met Angaleena, and we called her and got started," Monroe explains. "... If we're too busy, then don't force it. There'll be a time when things let up a little bit, then we'll make more music."

Lambert, Monroe and Presley released their debut album as the Pistol Annies, Hell on Heels, in 2011; their sophomore disc, Annie Up, came in 2013. However, in June of 2013, the trio abruptly canceled all of their upcoming concerts, and rumors of an official breakup began swirling.

“It’s funny how people just make up things, even after you tell what happened,” Monroe says. “It is what we said it was: We didn’t have time to rehearse for the tour, and we wanted to be our best. And it’s really as simple as that, but it’s entertaining to read all the different views. All the soap opera stories people can make up!”

All three artists have released solo projects in the two-plus years since the tour cancellation, and they have also denied the rumors of tension.

“We’ve decided at some point we’ll be Pistol Grannies together, but we just had to make a choice and decide," says Presley. "... We just had to take a little break, but never say never.”

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