On May 7, fans will finally be able to get their hands on Annie Up, the second album from Pistol Annies, and the follow-up to the trio's chart-topping Hell on Heels, released in 2011. One of the highlights of the new album is "Unhappily Married," which features the line "Hey, hey, it's alright, everybody fusses, everybody fights." It's less a song about staying in an unhappy marriage and more about staying married even though you realize every day won't be perfect.

Of the three Annies, Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe, the former two are happily married -- Miranda to Blake Shelton and Angaleena to Miranda's tour manager, Jordan Powell. And Ashley is currently planning her wedding to major league baseball star John Danks.

When it comes to their relationships with their respective significant others, the individual Annies all admit their men have particular things they can say or do to turn a casual conversation into a formal declaration of war (temporarily, of course!).

"[Blake] says, 'Are we in a fight?' Miranda tells The Boot. "Well, if you don't know, then we're by God in a real fight now!"

"When John says my name: 'I don't know, Ashley...'" the songstress reveals with a groan. "Don't say my name! The other day. I was mad at him about something and he said, 'I think you've been overserved.' I said, 'I think so, too, but it's too late now, here it comes!' He laughs at me, which also gets me madder."

"Mine says, [in a hushed tone] 'Stop, just stop,'" Angaleena adds. "And I'm like, 'You're gonna see stop in a minute!' When he says that it puts me into orbit. The calmer he stays, the madder I get. It's like he says something so mean and then when I come back, 'Stop.' 'Well, no! In fact, I will go even faster now that you told me to stop!'"

Pistol Annies' Annie Up hits record stores May 7. The project's first single, "Hush Hush," is out now.

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