Artist: Cooper Boone

Hometown: St. Joe, Minn.

Current Single: 'Country Living'

Listen to 'Country Living'

Why We Dig Him: They call him country's music's Jack of All Trades. Cooper is not only an accomplished singer and songwriter, he's also a clinical psychologist, owner of a country store, a farmer who raises chickens and the host of his own cooking show, 'Cowboy Kitchen.' Named Best Country Artist at last year's Hollywood Music Awards, Cooper co-wrote most of the tracks on his self-titled debut album, drawing a lot of inspiration from the stories he would hear from his clients, especially those who came to him for counseling in New York City after the September 11 terrorist attacks. The album also adds a touch of humor with 'Cougar Dream,' inspired by older women who feel invisible. "I wanted to write an upbeat song that honors those hot mamas out there who aren't 22 but are still out there living lives and looking great," Cooper explains.

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