Neal McCoy is mourning the loss of his stepdad, Don McCoy, who passed away on Saturday night (Aug. 22), after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's disease.

"He was a true gentleman, kind, polite, and caring," Neal McCoy shares on his Facebook page. "There wasn't anything he couldn't or wouldn't fix. He took care of my mother like no one else could for over 30 years.

"All of us McGaugheys and McCoys will miss him dearly. After a long struggle with Alzheimer's, Don has gone all the way to the top floor to fix anything that might be broken," the singer continues. "Take care of him, Lord; he has taken care of lots of folks down here."

Interestingly enough, McCoy's stepfather is not responsible for his well-known last name. The tunesmith was born Hubert Neal McGaughey Jr., and he used the stage name "Neal McGoy" before switching to "Neal McCoy," before his mother, Virginia, married Don McCoy.

"It's funny that I changed my name from McGaughey to McCoy for the sake of spelling and pronunciation ... and then my mom married a guy named McCoy," Neal McCoy says. "Of course, my stepdad loves it, because now people believe him when he says, 'That's my son.' My dad has a hard time convincing people he's my father because of the way I spell my last name."

The Boot extends our deepest sympathies to McCoy and his family on their loss.

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