Neal McCoy may have been away from the spotlight in recent years, but don't think he hasn't been keeping busy. After 11 albums and over 25 charted singles, the charismatic entertainer can now add author to his ongoing list of career achievements.

His new book, 'A New Mountain to Climb,' was inspired by his new single of the same name, a song that recognizes and celebrates unsung heroes. While recording the song, Neal says he thought of people who have inspired him and helped change his life for the better, which is when the idea for the book presented itself.

Each chapter of the book illuminates the character of those Neal refers to as his "heroes" -- those who climb life's toughest mountains through serious physical handicaps, relentless pain, the loss of someone dear, the end of a dream or leadership under pressure. The book will compel others to find their own heroes, and then make a difference in their own lives. The book showcases Neal's contagious optimism and unwavering belief that people are at their finest when they have a new mountain to climb.

'A New Mountain to Climb' will be available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon or by visiting Tate Publishing's website in mid-January. Those who purchase the book will also have the opportunity to hear Neal's new single. Each book contains a code redeemable for an exclusive download of 'A New Mountain to Climb' from Tate Publishing.

Neal McCoy is best known for his hits in the mid-90s including 'Wink,' 'They're Playin' Our Song,' 'The City Put the Country Back in Me,' 'No Doubt About It,' and most recently, 'Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On.' 'A New Mountain to Climb' is the singer's first new single to impact radio in two years.

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