Fans of the popular ABC drama Nashville will be able to get their hands on more of the original music featured on the TV show on May 13: The Music of Nashville, Season 4, Volume 2 is set for release that Friday.

The disc, which is being released through Big Machine Records, will feature an impressive 17 tracks. Fans will be able to hear songs performed by Will Chase, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, Jonathan Jackson and many more. A full track listing is available below. Volume 1 of the fourth season's soundtrack was released in December.

The Nashville cast has been busy lately: Select stars from the show are currently touring the U.S., and they'll head over to Europe for a set of shows in June as well.

Season 4 of Nashville is scheduled to wrap up at the end of May (the drama airs on Wednesday nights at 10PM ET). In January, at the Television Critics Association press tour, ABC network president Paul Lee noted that the network has no plans to end Nashville anytime soon.

“If you consider the unique ingredients of our show, we will find new fans. More and more people will discover the show, be told about the show in years to come,” Nashville executive producer Steve Buchanan says. “There’s a long life cycle for a television property like Nashville.”

The Music of Nashville, Season 4, Volume 2 Track Listing:

1. "Can’t Say No to Love" (Will Chase)
2. "Soul Survivor" (Aubrey Peeples & Jonathan Jackson)
3. "Only Tennessee" (Clare Bowen)
4. "Kinda Dig the Feeling" (Jonathan Jackson)
5. "Swept Away" (Lennon Stella & Jessy Schram)
6. "Movin’ on Never Felt So Good" (Chris Carmack)
7. "From Here on Out" (Charles Esten)
8. "The Rubble" (Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio)
9. "Hole in the World" (Lennon Stella)
10. "‘Til the Stars Come Out Again" (Maisy Stella)
11. "Caged Bird" (Aubrey Peeples)
12. "One Place Too Long" (Hayden Panettiere)
13. "Ain’t It Beautiful" (Chris Carmack)
14. "Wild Card" (Lennon Stella)
15. "Boomtown" (Will Chase & Hayden Panettiere)
16. "All We Ever Wanted" (Lennon & Maisy)
17. "Hold on to Me" (Connie Britton)

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