Morgan Wallen's No. 1 hit "Up Down," which features Florida Georgia Line, was a landmark song not only for the up-and-coming artist, but also for its songwriters. "Up Down" was co-written by Brad Clawson, CJ Solar and Hardy, the latter of whom explained at a recent press event that writing the song has opened up new directions for him, and helped him to pursue becoming an artist in his own right. 

Hardy, who is set to join Wallen on his 2019 If I Know Me Tour, explains that he and his fellow co-writers began the day with just the song's detail and the desire to write a smash party anthem. Read on to learn how "Up Down" was created. 

As far as the "a-ha!" moment of the idea, I really don't remember. I just remember having the "up down" idea in my head. I can't really remember when it came to me, or the exact moment.

It was just another day. We were writing at the house, and I threw the idea out, and it was what it was. We just knew we wanted to make a party anthem, and the good thing is that we had a hook first, so we were able to kind of wrap everything else around that, because we knew what we were gonna say.

It always [makes it easier to write around a hook]. With me especially. You know exactly what you wanna say first, and then you can kind of fill in the gaps and stuff.

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