Molly Tuttle has been a longtime fan of Jason Isbell's music ever since she moved to Nashville, so when she got the chance to include his voice on her song "Million Miles," she jumped at the opportunity. Below, Tuttle shares with The Boot how she became a fan of the Americana icon, and why she selected "Million Miles" -- a song that also features Sierra Hull on mandolin -- as the track to include his voice. Read on.

We were both at the Country Music Hall of Fame for the opening of the American Currents exhibit that they do each year. So I briefly met Jason and got to talk to him a little bit. I'd been a big fan of his music. When I moved to Nashville, everybody was telling me about him, and I started listening to his albums a lot and just loved his songwriting and his voice.

[My producer] Ryan Hewitt saw Jason and was like, "We should try to get him into the studio. It would be really cool to have his voice on a track." We were brainstorming different tracks, and we thought of "Million Miles," which is such a sweet-sounding song, and we thought his voice could add a bit of contrast to my voice and balance it really nicely.

We reached out to him, and he was really gracious and went into the studio. That was super awesome of him.

It was actually funny: On the day that we recorded the song, my dad texted me out of the blue and said, "I'm listening to Jason Isbell on a plane right now." And I was like, "He's in the studio right now with me! Did I tell you he was gonna be here? Is that why you're texting me?" He had no idea.

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