Miranda Lambert is in the middle of headlining her On Fire tour, but she was still able to make time to sit down with W Magazine for an interview and gorgeous, Marilyn Monroe-esque photoshoot. The songstress chatted about all the duties of headlining a country tour -- which include doing her own hair and makeup for each show -- in addition to how little she's seen her husband, Blake Shelton, in their first year of marriage. She also spoke candidly about the acceptance of country music by mainstream audiences. Here are some highlights from Miranda's W interview:

On the future of country music: "Taylor Swift is a pop singer, but she really helped country music. When she hit, I was thinking, 'Thank God Taylor's out there to show people we're not cheesy.' Some people still think that country music is twangy and cheesy, and they pigeonhole us. But I thought if they're looking for Taylor's videos or songs, they might see or hear other people they like. If her fans are watching for her, they might like me too."

On her sassy persona: "The tough-girl thing comes naturally to me. When I started out, I'd only wear jeans and tank tops. No dresses. I didn't want these dudes in the bars that I was playing to look me up and down because I'm a blonde girl with blue eyes. I wanted to be heard, not seen. That's how it all started."

On uprooting for her then-boyfriend Blake: "I moved from Texas to Oklahoma, which no one does. Before I moved, I called Blake and said, 'Look -- are you planning on screwing this up? Because I'm not going to move all my crap to a foreign state if you're going to screw this up.'"

On whether or not she's going to sell her farm in Oklahoma: "Hell no. We mostly live at Blake's, but, if you're pissed, 10 miles away is far enough. If we have a fight, I can say, 'Go home' or 'I'm going home.'"

On the fact that Blake hasn't seen a performance of her On Fire tour: "We don't want to be this matchy cutesy­ country couple. He's busy, and I'm busy. We've been married a year, and I think we've only spent four months ­together."

On the tribulations of headlining a tour: "It's tough for a girl to be a headliner in country music. For instance, I can't get a sponsor. [Miranda points to her t-shirt with 'Beer' in various fonts on it] I love alcohol! You would think a beer company would sponsor me. I'm my own damn sponsor. And I put on my own eyeliner. A woman's work is never done."

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