Every girl loves playing dress-up, but finding the perfect gown for an awards show can be a daunting task. Miranda Lambert learned that all too well while selecting her CMA Awards dresses. (Yep, more than one. She had separate outfits for the red carpet, her performance and watching the show.)

"I got stuck in a really big designer dress," the singer-songwriter tells Country Countdown USA. "In my fitting, I got stuck-stuck ... it fit, but the zipper broke when I put it on. They had to cut it off me. I took pictures. They're not appropriate to share with the public, but I did document them for myself. They tried to lay me down to take it off, and it got worse. I couldn't see, it was stuck over my head, it was awful, like a 30-minute ordeal. I was [in] undies, nothing else ... When my career goes down, I may leak some of the pictures!"

Things turned out more than all right at the awards ceremony for the Texas native, who took home both the Female Vocalist of the Year title, as well as Song of the Year for writing "Over You" with husband Blake Shelton. However, she has had a few more sitcom-like events happen in recent months. Especially since she's been spending more time in Los Angeles, where her other half is filming "The Voice."

"I finally started driving in L.A., which took me a while because I was scared. I didn't want to be like a crazy girl who stays in a mansion and never leaves, so I rented myself a Kia, and I wrecked it twice in the driveway!" Miranda reveals, referencing the house Blake rented in the Hollywood Hills. "It's got a long narrow driveway, and I looked to make sure I didn't hit anything and instead hit the other side. I'm not a good driver to begin with -- I usually drive a big old truck, and I'm instead trying to scoot around in this roller skate. I'm constantly getting honked at. I'm like, 'People! I'm from Texas! Give me a break, I don't know what I'm doing.'"

The big house was Blake's way of bribing his bride to join him in Southern California. However, the pool and the room for her dogs isn't all it's cracked up to be, according to his wife. "We got the house, and I thought I'd enjoy a pool, but it's chilly so I don't ever swim. At first, we had his hair and make up girl, his manager and tour manager as roommates. We had so many people living there, and then we realized we were newlyweds, and we didn't want roommates. We love these people, but we just got married. Now it's just us two, and it's a little excessive! It's full of naked statues and pictures, it looks like an Italian scene every where you go. We've made it our own, we cook eggs and bacon in the morning and it starts to smell like home! It taught us a lot. You don't use a lot in a large house. We use mainly the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. There's tons of wasted space."

The singer-songwriter likely isn't worried too much about it today, though, as she's revved up to start working on the Pistol Annies next record. She tweeted her excitement this morning (Nov. 26), saying she can't wait until fans hear the new music.

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