Miranda Lambert exudes domestic bliss on the November issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. In the accompanying article, the songstress talks about her first year-and-a-half of marriage to Blake Shelton, how success plays a part in their relationship and their holiday plans. The "Over You" singer also gets candid on learning to live with the inevitable criticism that comes with fame.

"People always look for a reason to hammer you for something, whether it's your weight or your marriage," she tells the mag. "Blake and I have reached that point, and I hate that, but we need to be thankful to be out there living our dream, playing music for a living. If I complain about being apart, I think about military families and realize I have an amazing life. I'm so grateful for the people in my life: my family, my husband, my team around me, and my friends. The rest is icing on the cake."

Speaking of being apart, since their wedding in May 2011, the pair have only spent about five months together. That added to the struggles of their first year of marriage, as did the death of Blake's father, Dick, in January, followed quickly by the death of Miranda's childhood friend, Mark Adams, and her dog, Dixie.

"Blake was in Los Angeles almost all the time," says the Texas native. "Everything kept piling up. We didn't even have all our clothes at the same house. After our anniversary came, it was like, 'All right, now we can start married life.'"

One of the best parts of that life comes during the holidays. Thanksgiving has traditionally been held at Blake's farm in Tishomingo, Okla., but this year, his wife is bringing the celebration to him.

"Blake will be in L.A. working for 'The Voice,'" she explains. "So I'll be buying pumpkins and hay bales somewhere in that crazy city and putting them on the porch."

After that's done, the singer-songwriter splits up kitchen duties for Thanksgiving with her parents and in-laws. "We're real traditional," Miranda reports. "Football, turkey, and stuffing. Blake's mom makes ham and the best baked beans ever. My dad's been deep-frying the turkey, which is sometimes wild turkey, because we hunt. I do the green bean casserole, with cream of mushroom soup and fried onions on the top, and a sweet potato casserole."

Read the full Good Housekeeping interview with Miranda here.

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