As Miranda Lambert travels the country on her Platinum Tour, she says she owes a lot to Kenny Chesney for teaching her how to create a good experience for everyone on the road.

“When I was on the Kenny tour, his crowd and his crew and his everybody has his spirit, which is, ‘I love my job. I love what I do. This should be fun. This is entertainment,’" she says. "It’s just, his great spirit and love of the beach and love of relaxing and having a margarita leaks throughout the entire camp, therefore throughout the entire tour, to the person on the back row of the stadium, and that’s what’s important.”

But Chesney isn't the only one who deserves credit. He says he learned lessons about touring from none other than George Strait.

“I learned pretty quickly by studying him that it all starts with the songs. And those songs that George cut and performed all these years will live forever. I mean, they just will," Chesney says. "To be a part of his career, and doing two years with him on the road -- and the first time I did stadium shows was with George, you know, and I was the first guy on … actually the second. And that’s where I learned how to do that. So, to be a part of his career has been one of the biggest highlights of my career and my life.”

One key that Lambert has learned is that what happens behind the scenes translates directly into what the audience sees and feels during the performance.

“A lot of it’s about how it feels backstage too, because as much as you say you leave it back there and don’t bring it on the stage, there’s a feeling about the whole package, the whole process, and what it feels like,” she says. “And a tour can have a whole vibe. I think the crowd can feel that.”

Upcoming dates for Lambert's Platinum Tour, which continues through September, can be found here. Chesney is preparing to release his 15th studio album, 'The Big Revival,' on Sept. 23.