Miranda Lambert has a trophy case full of awards, is married to one of the leading men in country music (Blake Shelton) and lives a jet-setting life. Still, she insists she's just like every other woman and wishes other people would see her that way.

"I like it when people just treat me normal, because I'm just a normal girl," the Texas native says (quote via CMIL). "I just happen to have a really great job. And it's definitely different on different levels that you reach."

The last few years have proven that both Miranda and her husband are bona fide celebrities, which makes certain "normal" activities more of a challenge.

"We can't just go to Wal-mart anymore," the singer-songwriter notes. "We've both reached this different level in our careers. It's a good thing but it's also sometimes like you can't do normal things at certain times because we have to remember, 'Oh, people think we're famous,' so we have to sort of be careful about those things."

The reigning ACM Top Female Vocalist insists she wants fans to see who she and Blake (the current ACM Top Male Vocalist) really are, even when they are out of the public eye. "We love just to go home and ride four-wheelers and hunt and fish," she maintains. "We are exactly who you would think we would be, on and off stage. There's not really a difference, and we don't have a lot to hide. Both of us are pretty open and honest, and our fans pretty much know everything about us. We like that about our relationship with our fans."

The singer is enjoying another run at the top of the charts, thanks to her current single, "Over You," which she wrote with Blake about the death of his older brother.

"We pick and choose what we want to do together as artists," Miranda explains, "because we don't ever want the business to get in the way of our personal relationship. So when we write together, we kind of step away from being husband and wife, and we just become artists that respect each other. It's a really good relationship, and I think doing that every now and then and keeping it special is what makes it work."

Miranda is continuing her On Fire tour, which will include her trio, Pistol Annies, throughout the summer. Upcoming shows include stops in Nebraska, Missouri and Florida. Keep track of her tour schedule here.

Watch Miranda Lambert's 'Over You' Video

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