After weeks spent quarantining with her husband, retired New York City police officer Brendan McLoughlinMiranda Lambert is ready to hit the road once again. It won't be how she once expected, though.

While Lambert and most of her fellow country artists assumed they would be spending the summer touring across the country, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) put the brakes on those plans. However, Lambert is still itching to travel, so she and McLoughlin will do just that in a brand-new Airstream.

“When people ask me questions about all the traveling I’ve done, my answer is pretty much the same every time. ‘I’ve been everywhere but I haven’t seen much of anything,’” the “Bluebird” hitmaker says in an Instagram post. "I’ve been touring for 19 years and most times we just roll in, play our show, and roll to the next town. I’ve only gotten to spend some real time in a few of the places I’ve been.

"After spending these last few months at home (a much-needed break and time to nest), I realized something: Just because I can’t travel and play shows doesn’t mean I can’t travel and make music," Lambert adds. "I have the most amazing travel companion, my husband, and we decided to add a family member."

The native has long loved vintage trailers, often bringing many Airstreams on the road with her. This recent purchase, though, is her first brand-new one.

“I’m letting go of a few vintage to make room for adventure in this silver gem!” Lambert explains. “I don’t like change, but I’m learning to embrace it. Until I get back on [my tour bus] Elvira and tour, I’ll be pulling this rig all over the country. I know that seeing the world through the windshield again will bring creative vibes."

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