Michael Martin Murphey is getting ready to release a new set of tunes. The 'Wildfire' singer says his upcoming album, ' Red River Drifter,' will be a fusion of his favorite styles of music that purposefully won't fit into one specific genre.

"I wrote songs that drew from what is inspiring me at this point in my life," Murphey explains. "Every style was fair game. We intentionally did not follow formulas or rules."

The 68-year-old is credited with helping start the Cosmic Cowboy Movement, which paved the way for some of country music's most iconic entertainers, including Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

"He was one of the formative voices and most sophisticated songwriters of the progressive-country boom that defined the city's music in that era," The Austin American Statesman's John T. Davis notes. "Murphey originals such as 'Geronimo's Cadillac,' 'Alley's of Austin' and 'Backslider's Wine' remain among the most graceful and accomplished tunes to come out of Austin's turbulent country-rock scene."

'Red River Drifter' will be released on July 9. Pre-order a copy here.

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