Meghan Linsey is reaching out to her fans to help her launch her solo career. The singer, best known as half of the award-winning duo Steel Magnolia, has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to raise money to record her debut solo project.

"You guys have been so supportive of me throughout my career in Steel Magnolia, and I hope you will support me on this new journey and pledge," she says in a video to her fans.

The songstress then takes a light-hearted look at other possibilities of raising money, including selling her adorable dogs, her car and Girl Scout cookies, as well as reaching out to several family members and friends, and even resorting to burglary. Thankfully, Linsey's fans are likely to rise to the occasion.

“I am so excited about this new direction in my career and going solo,” she says. “And the support I’ve been getting from Steel Magnolia fans has been really great. I’m excited that they are coming with me on this journey. Their support of my PledgeMusic campaign, their encouraging posts and comments, their excitement about my new music has been just fantastic. I have amazing fans.”

Linsey is offering fans who pledge exclusive content, including an autographed album, a personalized outgoing voicemail message, a chance to play with her dogs (assuming she didn't have to sell them for the cash), and even a private house party.

Contribute to Linsey's new EP here.