Martina McBride became a little bit cooler in her daughter's eyes at the 2011 CMT Awards last week. Her middle daughter, Emma, accompanied the 'Teenage Daughters' singer on the red carpet, where she met none other than Justin Bieber. The 13-year-old was so overcome by the pop singer's presence that she was brought to tears. Like Martina's current single says, "She's just like me when I was seventeen, so I don't blame her!"

"I was really into Linda Ronstadt and Pat Benatar," Martina tells The Boot of her own idols as a teen. "I think that if I would have met them when I was 18 or 15, I was so enamored with them that I would have freaked out."

The mother of three has actually had the opportunity to perform with Pat Benatar, during which she wasn't quite able to keep her cool. "I freaked out when I met her 10 years ago," Martina admits with a laugh. "It would be like Emma getting to sing with Justin Bieber in 25 years. I never dreamed I would get to sing with Pat Benatar."

Unfortunately, the blue-eyed songstress hasn't met Linda, yet. "I'd love to, though," she reveals.

While Martina may not get giddy over meeting Justin Bieber, she has no problem with her daughter's excitement. "The best part is seeing my kids grow and become individuals, and the fact that they're happy and well-adjusted," Martina told The Boot. "When I see how they handle situations, I feel really proud of them, and that pride is such a great thing."

Martina's next album will be released August 23, and it will include her current single 'Teenage Daughters.' She's also on the road beginning in July; get a full list of dates here.

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