Martina McBride has teamed up with pasta company, Barilla, to launch "Share The Table: The Barilla Family Dinner Project," which encourages families to spend more uninterrupted time at the dinner table. As one of country music's most in-demand artists, Martina knows better than any working mom the best way to balance a busy career with raising three daughters and nurturing a 20-plus year marriage. Through it all, Martina says family will always come first, and making and eating dinner as a group is one way she ensures that her family spends some quality time together.

"I love preparing food together with my family," Martina tells "It feels great to unwind and chat while cooking, and it's a good way to get them excited about what we're going to eat. I even have a kitchen in my tour bus, so we can cook when I'm on tour. As a performer, staying fit is important to me, but even more important is being a good role model to my daughters. I try to teach them to eat healthy, but not feel guilty about having a treat every so often. I want to serve foods that are nutritious and delicious, so my daughters grow up with a healthy relationship with food."

For each person who promises to "Share the Table," Barilla will donate $1 to Meals on Wheels Association of America, up to $150,000, to support home-delivered meal programs.

Martina offers some tips on the best ways to have family dinner nights at include planning ahead to fit dinners into busy schedules, designating at least one night a week as family dinner night, keeping a few stables in your pantry and fridge so you can throw together a quick dinner, and suggests a welcome-home dinner for your family member who might be away traveling for work. On the website, Martina also shares her favorite recipes for Barilla Cheese Manicotti.

Martina released her 10th studio album, 'Shine,' in March 2009 which debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the country charts. Her current single, 'I Just Call You Mine,' continues to climb in the Top 20 country singles chart.