Martina McBride has finally announced the release date of her aptly-titled eleventh studio album, 'Eleven,' which hits shelves on the eleventh of October!

The eleven-song album marks new territory for the Grammy-winning singer, whose career has spanned two decades and produced 24 Top 10 singles. With 'Eleven,' Martina returns with a new producer, manager and record label (Republic Nashville), and some of her most personal material to date.

"This is such an amazing time in my life and my career," says the angelic-voiced songbird. "I feel like I've been given the support and power to go into the studio and write and create an album that pushes the boundaries of what people expect of me, while still being true to myself. I can't wait for October 11th so that I can finally share this new music with my fans!"

Martina penned six of the project's eleven songs -- the most co-writes she has on any of her albums -- including lead single 'Teenage Daughters,' which was inspired by her own 16-year-old daughter, Delaney.

"When we played five or six songs for the record label, they immediately turned around after 'Teenage Daughters' was over and said, 'That's your first single,'" Martina revealed in an interview with Our Country. "I was so happy. Yes, it's about people who have teenage daughters, but also, if you've been a teenage daughter, if you have a niece or sister or somebody in your life that you're close to that you've gone through the teenage years with, you can identify with it for sure."

The album's second single, 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It,' was released on July 25. It is a touching tune about the power of love and a woman's battle with cancer.

'Eleven' is in stores on October 11, 2011. Martina will be performing in Philadelphia, Pa., tonight (August 11). For more of her tour dates, click here.

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