When Margo Price first met her now-husband, fellow musician Jeremy Ivey, their relationship was a bright spot during an otherwise difficult time. She'd just moved to Nashville to pursue country music after dropping out of college in Chicago, and money was tight.

"I couldn't keep a job," the singer recalled to People in 2018. "I have a cousin who lives there, and she would always hook me up with some job at a hotel or at the mall or whatever, and I was a terrible employee. It was a tough start."

Once she did land a steady job -- waitressing at a local restaurant called the Flying Saucer -- Price encountered new struggles. "I made a good amount of money, but all the girls had to wear Catholic school girl uniforms. It was kind of degrading," she relates.

Still, exciting things were happening for Price outside of work: Not only did her relationship with Ivey blossom into lasting love -- they married in Nashville on Oct. 26, 2008, per the Aledo Times Record -- but it also led to a band called Secret Handshake. The couple started touring together, and eventually, the singer found out she was pregnant -- a surprise to both her and Ivey, who didn't think they would be able to have children.

In 2010, Price gave birth to twins Ezra and Judah. Just two weeks later, however, Ezra died as the result of a heart condition. The loss of her son sent Price spiraling into a deep depression, and her alcohol consumption ramped up, ultimately landing her a three-day stay in the Davidson County Jail.

Of course, the tragedy tested Ivey and Price's marriage. "When you lose a child, you cope differently," Price reflects to People. "I think it's amazing that our marriage lasted after that because the statistics are not in our favor. But he's been right there beside me."

Ivey threw his weight behind supporting Price's musical career, scaling back his own career ambitions for the time being and serving as her frequent co-writer and a member of her band. "I really believed in her and wanted to see that happen," he told The Boot later.

"He is the one who really broke my career by selling the car, saying we're going to go to the studio and making this record," Price recalled of her husband, referencing her 2016 studio debut, Midwest Farmer's Daughter. "He played on it and just believed in me. I really have him to thank."

Three years later, she would return the favor by producing Ivey's own debut project, The Dream and the Dreamer. By then, Price was already a huge success, and Ivey signed to Anti Records to release his album specifically because that label heard his record without knowing that he was her husband.

"That was a little important to my own sanity, for people not to sign me based on the fact that Margo produced it, or any of that stuff," he says. "I didn't want a leg up. I just wanted to make something that's good."

The two are still frequent collaborators; in fact, they co-wrote "Somebody Else's Problem," the first track to be released from Ivey's sophomore record, Waiting Out the Storm.

Price and Ivey have celebrated exciting personal developments over the past couple of years, too. In June of 2019, they welcomed a daughter, Ramona.

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