On Wednesday, Margo Price kicked off a new leg of her Born to Ramble Tour. At a recent performance, the 33-year-old spoke with The Boot and shared that she's eager to return to the road.

"I’m so excited to be able to play a full set every night, and do a couple acoustic tunes in the middle," Price tells The Boot. "I’m excited to play the Troubadour in Los Angeles; I’ve got two nights there. I’m playing the Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg, [both] up in New York."

The rising star has spent much of her life performing, but she admits that her newly busy schedule has been quite the adjustment.

"I’ve been experiencing a heavier workload than I’ve ever had on my plate," Price concedes. "It’s been great; I’m happy to be busy. I’m kind of a workaholic, but I also just like to talk a lot after shows, so I’ve had to really kind of change my lifestyle. When I’m done with a show, I have to go home and, a lot of times, I’ll go on vocal rest and not talk for six to eight hours during the day.

"It can be a little frustrating," she adds. "My mom loves it though, because she can just talk at me, and I can’t really say anything back. I have to write it down."

A married mother of one, Price takes her little boy on the road with her when she can (and her husband, Jeremy Ivey, plays in her band), but when that isn't possible, she fills every free minute with time with him.

"I think the trick is to keep my suitcase packed at all times," reveals Price. "Every moment I have, I spend with my son. I do miss my friends quite an awful lot, I miss my social life, but luckily, I’m on the road with five guys who are five of my greatest friends, and they keep it interesting, and they keep me laughing."

Price recently released "Four Years of Chances," from her Midwest Farmer’s Daughter album, as a single. Both the song and the full record are available for purchase on iTunes, and a list of all of Price's upcoming shows is available on her website.

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