Maggie Rose isn't about to be placed in a box, nor is she going to let a record label, producer or manager -- or even radio -- dictate what type of music she should make. The singer recently released a new EP, The Variety Show -- Vol. 1, finally making music on her terms.

"I’ve never had more fun with music, honestly," Rose tells The Boot. "I got to produce it myself, and actually co-write all the songs on it. I thought of The Variety Show [for a title] because, Nashville, the direction we’re going, it’s not just country. It’s rock. It’s pop. It’s R&B.

"I did two volumes because I’m exploring musically, and I didn’t want to give the fans I have whiplash," she continues. "I wanted to retain those fans I met when I was first making music, and take them along on the journey with me."

Rose has lived in Music City for nine years, which she says is about how long it took her to become confident in her own abilities and find the courage to stand her ground.

"There’s a lot I’ve learned about being who you are," Rose shares. "Music is subjective. There will always be a critic; there will always be somebody who thinks you should be doing something else. [The Variety Show is] for the people who enjoy it, and for me and what I’m expressing. I don’t ever feel like I’ve been given the opportunity to be quite as authentic as I’ve been able to. So the nerves that come with that are a small price to pay."

The Maryland native has also been collaborating with other artists, some of whom aren't in country music, which has helped Rose expand her horizons even more.

"I got to produce the Morrison Brothers Band EP, which just came out as well," says Rose. "I wrote a song with Dallas Davidson and Big Boi from Outkast and Mannie Fresh, which kind of supports the whole genreless kind of vibe, so it’s an exciting time. Throw a wedding in there, and we’re good to go."

That wedding, as fans know, was to Rose's longtime boyfriend, Austin Marshall; however, the pair has put their plans for a honeymoon on hold for now.

"We will go on a legit honeymoon," Rose insists. "Right now, there’s just not a really good time to settle down with someone, but we did it anyway."

The Variety Show  -- Vol. 1 is available for purchase on iTunes. Rose says that Vol. 2 will be available by the end of summer.

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