Maggie Rose's new single "Body on Fire" draws inspiration from some of her musical heroes and country music predecessors, who paved the way for rising artists like Rose.

"It’s a very sexy song, and I say it hearkens back to Faith [Hill] and Shania [Twain] days, where they used their sexuality in an empowering way and didn’t really shy away from it," Rose explains to The Boot. "It’s almost subliminal. It’s not in your face; it’s sexy in a subtle, romantic way."

Rose also recently released a single with Craig Morgan, "4 X Life," which they were prompted to write after being asked to collaborate on a song for a Jeep commercial. The song, Rose says, "ended up being this really organic, honest song;" in fact, it fit Rose's plans so well that she included it on her recent Dreams > Dollars EP.

Rose has plenty of shows on her calendar over the next few months, including three as the opening act for Hill and her husband Tim McGraw on their Soul2Soul Tour. The Maryland native says taking the stage, whether for a small, intimate crowd or at a large venue, always brings out a mix of emotions for her.

"I get excited. And I think that’s where all the emotions get jumbled, and it’s hard to distinguish what exactly they are," Rose says. "I love doing it. I think, as an artist, every day you should feel a little fear, but that should be outweighed by your wonder and what you can do with this. So the nerves, I can deal with them."

A list of all of Rose's upcoming shows is available on her website.


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