Maddie & Tae are on top of the world after finding out that they are nominated for three CMA Awards this year. Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye received nods for Vocal Duo of the Year, New Artist of the Year and Music Video of the Year, the latter for "Girl in a Country Song."

“It was our only day off since two weeks before Start Here was released,” Marlow says in a statement. “And we could hardly sleep wondering what was going to happen ...”

Continues Dye, "And then ... wow! We grew up watching these shows, seeing all the stars -- and just getting to go last year was so fun. But to be up for actual awards? For songs that are taken from Maddie's and my life? That is everything we were dreaming of when we were driving back and forth to Nashville for songwriting weekends when we were 15 years old.”

Adds Marlow, "This is crazy -- but great crazy.”

Should Maddie & Tae win in the music video category, the award would also honor the clip's director, TK McKamy, who was the one with the idea to put the guys in the video into girls' clothes.

“It was just a free-for-all,” Marlow recalls to The Boot of making the "Girl in a Country Song" video. “We were going out with this super-bold message, so we were like, ‘Let’s make a crazy video. Let’s make something so out there that people are going to be like, ‘What in the world are they doing?’ ... So whenever he came up with that idea, putting the guys in the actual girls clothes, it was perfect. It fit our dream video so well.”

The young women admit that they are still having trouble believing their good fortune.

“We started writing songs because no one was writing our life,” Dye explains. “Maddie and I felt so strongly there were other people out there going through what we were, feeling the things we were ... and trying to figure out who we were in the process. The fact all these amazing things keep happening, well, that’s incredible!”

Adds Marlow, "There’s so much more to do and see and sing. With "Fly" starting to kick in, it’s a song about not giving up, about trusting when it’s hard and still putting everything into it. Th[ese CMA Awards nominations] made all those stumbles we’ve had, those too-early mornings and canceled flights, super-long drives, missing our families, mean something. It just goes to show, you really can fly if you just keep trying!”

Concludes Dye, "And be really grateful when these kinds of mornings happen. This [was] one of the best wake-up calls of our lives!”

The 2015 CMA Awards will air live from Nashville on Nov. 4 at 8PM ET on ABC.

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