Luke Combs earned an infectious hit with "She's Got the Best of Me," the fourth single sent to radio from his debut record, This One's for You (Combs added the song as a bonus track for the 2018 reissue). Co-written with Channing Wilson and Rob Snyder, the song hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart in October of 2018 and made it onto both year-end country charts in the Top 50.

"She Got the Best of Me" was Combs' fourth consecutive No. 1 single on country radio, making him the first solo artist -- and only the third artist ever, behind famous duos Brooks & Dunn and Florida Georgia Line -- to have his first four singles top the Country Airplay chart. The post-breakup tune is heralded as one of the singer-songwriter's best live songs and a fan favorite. 

So, what's the story behind "She Got the Best of Me"? Read on to hear it in Combs' own words.

I think the original thing I had was, I had a title … “You Got the Best of Me.” I remember Rob coming in and singing this thing … We had the melody thing … That was 2014.

What happened was, I was still in college when I came and wrote with them and wrote the song; I was still in school, living in North Carolina. So we ended up writing it [when] I was just in town visiting. I went back to Boone and started playing the song out at my little gigs and stuff, and eventually came back to Nashville a few months later and recorded that song. I put it out that year -- it was like July of 2014 -- put it out on my own.

I was like, "People already know that song." There’s 50 million people that listen to country radio every week. So in my mind, I was like, "I’ve sold 50,000 copies of this. Everyone’s already heard this." It had just been going so well.

After this album came out, we were still playing it on the road, and the reaction to it was just always so good. It just kind of made sense to give it a chance. It went No. 1 on [the SiriusXM satellite radio country station] The Highway after “Hurricane.” They just wanted to play a song, so they played the version I recorded in college.

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