As the son of a peanut farmer, Luke Bryan knows the power of rain and how much it can affect people's lives, both positively and negatively. Bryan co-wrote "Rain Is a Good Thing" with Dallas Davidson and released the song in January 2010, as the second single from his Doin' My Thing album. The tune hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart and took the No. 2 spot on Billboard's year-end Country Songs chart. Below, Bryan tells The Boot how he and Davidson were inspired to write the hit.

Growing up in Georgia, my dad was a farmer, and we worked in agriculture, so we were always looking up at the sky, checking if it was raining or if rain was in the forecast. And that always kind of set the tone for the mood in my household, whether we had rain coming in or not. Or if it had rained, we knew the crops would be good and it was going to be a good day or a good week around the Bryan household.

I wrote "Rain Is a Good Thing" with one of my best friends in the world, Dallas Davidson. Dallas and I used to have the saying, "Rain makes corn, and corn makes whiskey," and it was just something we always said. If we were a little bummed out about the rain, if we had a fishing trip planned or something and a big rain storm was coming through, we'd be like, "Well, rain makes corn, and corn makes whiskey," and that would kind of make us feel a little better about it.

So that's kind of how the whole song started. We didn't even really have a title. We didn't start with "Rain Is a Good Thing" as a title and wrote to it. We just started with "rain makes corn, and corn makes whiskey," and we kind of arrived at "Rain Is a Good Thing."

This story was originally written by Lorie Hollabaugh, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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