Luke Bryan’s duet with Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, "Home Alone Tonight," is one of the most talked-about songs on Bryan's recent Kill the Lights record, and if you've ever been through a messy breakup, the tune's relatable lyrics will cut straight to your heart.

In "Home Alone Tonight," Bryan and Fairchild sing as two individuals who both recently went through a breakup. The mid-tempo track is especially interesting because Bryan and Fairchild have two of country music's most distinctive voices, and the mingling of them makes the duet all the better.

“We had always certainly entertained the right collaboration under the right circumstances,” Bryan says of choosing this song to record as the first male/female duet of his career, “but it’s always about the right song, and we’ve never really found the song that necessarily did what we wanted it to do.”

"Home Alone Tonight" features the pair hooking up, but it's not an act of intimacy -- it's an act of revenge. They take shots of alcohol and take shots at their exes through photos -- evidence that they're having a good time without their former lovers.

“We’ll go shot for shot for shot ’til we forgot what we came here to forget / Ain’t a clock, a tick, a tock that’s gonna stop a night we won’t regret," Bryan and Fairchild sing. "So put your drink down and throw your camera up / Flip it around, and snap a payback picture / Send it to my ex, I’ll send it to my ex / And send ‘em both a text saying we ain’t we ain’t going home alone tonight."

"Home Alone Tonight" is sonically sultry, and the lyrics are intense. Drinking to forget and hooking as revenge obviously aren't the best decisions, but the combination makes for a song that's easy to listen to and hard to forget. Fans may be surprised to know Bryan and Fairchild recorded this tune separately, even though their vocal tradeoffs throughout the song sound completely seamless.

The two country stars will perform "Home Alone Tonight" at the upcoming 2015 American Music Awards. The awards show is scheduled to air on Nov. 22.

Bryan, the reigning CMA Awards Entertainer of the Year, knows how to pick hits: He recently celebrated his 14th No. 1 song. He's also gearing up for his 2016 Kill the Lights Tour, and with LBT going along as a special guest, fans will most likely get to hear "Home Alone Tonight" at the show.

Listen to Luke Bryan and Karen Fairchild, "Home Alone Tonight":

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