Luke Bryan's 2015 CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year was his second consecutive win in the category. But while The Boot's staff predicted that the country superstar, who has had an incredible year, would take home the trophy, Bryan says that he wasn't so sure.

"I gotta tell you, it just felt unsurmountable this year, a little more," Bryan told The Boot and other reporters backstage after his big win. "It’s just been an amazing year for me on the road; it’s been my most enjoyable year on the road. From A to Z, I don’t think I’ve ever sang or performed better on the road than this year, and I’ve really enjoyed every night.

"And for this to happen tonight is such a blessing. That’s all you can say," he continues. "When it’s the CMA, in the hands of the CMA voters -- people that come out, and they pay attention to what you’re doing -- it is, for me, it’s truly amazing."

Interestingly, Bryan has never won a CMA Award in a category besides Entertainer of the Year, despite being nominated in numerous different categories since 2010 ... not that he's complaining.

"I can deal with that," he says. "It’s truly mind-boggling to me.

"But when I think about, in the realm of, 'Would I love to win a Male Vocalist and Single and Song?' Of course. When I think about my moment with "Drink a Beer," [I would have loved] to have won it on a song like that. But I gotta feel like, if I stay the course and work hard and write songs and listen for songs, I think those moments will come," Bryan adds. "I think if I try to grow as a vocalist, too, I’ll keep being in the running, and if it happens for me to win a Male Vocalist one day, it will be a fine night for me. It will be an amazing night."

Bryan beat out Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church and Miranda Lambert to take home the night's highest honor in 2015 -- a recognition that he doesn't take lightly.

"Garth really rewrote the book on entertainment, and he caught a lot of flack for that," Bryan explains. "But he truly changed the game of how a country music artist entertains. And I was a 14-, 15-year-old kid caught up in the middle of it, as much as anybody in this whole nation and world. Nobody was more caught up, nobody watched the Garth Brooks specials and studied them, more than me.

"I just pray he feels that he knows that his contribution changing the game as far as entertainment is what pushed me -- Kenny even more," Bryan notes. "You’re talking about a guy that’s won -- I think Garth, three, four for him. Kenny, three, four for him. I’ve got two, and I’m like, 'It’s just amazing how much on their game those guys were and how much they influenced me.'"

Bryan was also nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2015 CMA Awards, with that trophy going to Chris Stapleton. But, far from being disappointed, Bryan was perhaps Stapleton's biggest cheerleader.

"It’s so fun watching the birth of an artist happen like that ...," Bryan says. "I think [there's] a select group of people that really, really, really seek out music and have heard Stapleton through the years. But then, when Stapleton gets that opportunity for it to be launched like it just happened, I think that’s so fun to watch for music, for him and all the hard work that he’s done, and look at the songs that he’s written for other artists through the years that have helped our career. And then he had his night.

"It’s just fun watching it, 'cause it’s so deserving," Bryan adds, "and for him to light up the stage, and [Justin] Timberlake to come in and stand his flag to showcase him, was an amazing moment."

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