Luke Bryan's new album, Kill the Lights, features a first for the country superstar: His collaboration with Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild on "Home Alone Tonight" is his first male-female duet. The mid-tempo ballad is sexy and suggestive, but even though the song is full of sexual tension, Bryan makes it clear that it's just part of the job.

“Our job is to be recording artists,” Bryan tells Taste of Country. “It’s about getting in there and getting into character of the actual song.”

The singer, who has partnered with AXE Stage Pass to bring exclusive videos and performances to fans, loves sharing his new music with his followers, and "Home Alone Tonight" certainly stands out. Bryan and Fairchild actually recorded their parts separately, though the song sounds like a conversation, with alternating parts almost every other line.

It's taken Bryan a while to record a duet, but that's because, he explains, he was simply waiting for the right one.

“We had always certainly entertained the right collaboration under the right circumstances," he says, "but it’s always about the right song, and we’ve never really found the song that necessarily did what we wanted it to do."

"Home Alone Tonight" itself is a real treat, as it's not very often that fans get to hear Bryan's distinctive vocals blended with those of a female artist — especially one as sought-after as Fairchild.

"It feels too good to let it end right here / I ain’t going home alone tonight / So let's not let it end, let it end right here / Girl, you’re going home with me / So let's go," the two country stars sing. They take shots, take selfies and, at the end of the night, don't go home alone — but only in the lyrics.

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