Lucie Silvas serves up some "Home Truths" in her newest release, an introspective and stripped-down reflection on the honest thoughts and feelings that people can only come to grips with in solitude.

"2020 brought a lot of things to the surface...including this song," Silvas shared on social media in June of 2021, when she first announced her plans to release the track. She later shared more details about the story behind "Home Truths," which she co-wrote with "my two brilliant friends" Jon Green and Sacha Skarbek.

"So happy this song is out. One of the first I wrote for the new album on a trip to London right before Covid hit," she explained, adding that she's at work on a new album produced by Jarrad K, who also produced this song.

"Home Truths" seems to have been written and created nearly entirely "in-house," with Silvas relying on her musical community to make the song. That trend also extends to the making of its lyric video, which premiered on Friday (July 2.) The clip is simple and mesmerizing, showing a series of Polaroid pictures of Silvas and her friends and family. Eagle-eyed fans may spot an image or two that appears to feature Silvas' husband, Brothers Osborne band mate John Osborne, for example.

"The lyric video for 'Home Truths' was so simple and fun to do even though it took some time," Silvas comments. "Shot on my iPhone with this mixture of Polaroids."

It seems that "Home Truths" marks the beginning of Silvas' next album cycle; Her last full-length project, E.G.O., came out in August of 2018.

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