Love and Theft have released the title single off of their upcoming album, 'Whiskey on My Breath.'

The duo, made up of Stephen Barker-Liles and Eric Gunderson, is known for their country-pop sound, and some fans may be surprised by the slightly more melancholy new single.

"In some ways, we've played it safe in the past, and I think we're over that now," Barker-Liles observes. “I don't mind that songs like 'Whiskey on My Breath' may be a little controversial because they're honest, and I think that they'll make people think about how they feel about life."

Rather than a completely new direction for the band, the guys hope that the new album will simply show a higher level of maturity. They still plan to keep some of their signature up-tempo sound.

"The songs on this album show a side of us that's legitimately us, and how we've grown up and matured in the time that we've been in this business,” Gunderson says. “But there are plenty of songs on this album that are just good, fun songs, and that's still a side of us too."

The duo is crossing the county on their Night That You'll Never Forget Tour, which runs through Dec. 20. Ticket information can be found on their website.

Download 'Whiskey on My Breath' on iTunes. The full album is set for release on Feb. 10.

Listen to Love and Theft, 'Whiskey on My Breath':