Love and Theft have released the music video for their latest single, "Whiskey on My Breath." The song is the title track of their latest album, released earlier this year.

The video for the heart-wrenching tune, which features lines like, "Oh, I know I'm going to heaven / But I can't go with me like this / I need to pull myself together / Before then / No, I ain't afraid of dying / But what scares me to death / Is meeting Jesus / With whiskey on my breath," shows a man struggling with his alcoholism, before finding the fortitude to become sober for his little girl.

"I think it really shows you how dark [things can be for] someone with an addiction, how dark it really is, and the guy’s kind of in denial," duo member Stephen Barker Liles tells The Boot of the song. "And I think it shows how deep an alcoholic can really be, but he also still has that hope, and the only hope he has left is in Jesus, which also shows a positive side of it."

The song struck a personal chord for fellow duo member Eric Gunderson, who recently made the decision to quit drinking.

"In the industry we're in, it's pretty easy to find yourself drinking every night," Gunderson tells People. "It's easy to fall into that hole and hard to get out of it. I am also Type 1 diabetic, so drinking too much could be dangerous, and I decided to be sober. It's been a life-changing decision."

Including the emotional tune, which both guys had a hand in writing, on the record was an easy decision.

"I fell in love with country music because of songs that meant something, so for me, that song, it’s got a lot of depth to it, and it meant something that we wanted to show, that side of us other than the party," Liles notes. "Life’s not always like that, and the thing about the song is that it tells the struggle of someone; it shows the struggle of an addiction, being addicted — and it doesn’t have to be alcohol, but people that are addicted, they really don’t care about anything other than what their addiction is.

"I think it’s good timing to have that song out there," he adds, "and I hope it has that impact on a lot of people."

Download "Whiskey on My Breath" on iTunes.

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