The title track of LoCash's recently released 11-track record, The Fighters, only found its way onto the project thanks to a last-minute plea for help from the duo's Preston Brust and Chris Lucas. The pair knew they were missing something ... but they weren't quite sure what it was. So, they called up some friends: Jaron Boyer, Jeffrey Steele, Tom Douglas, Rodney Clawson and Phil Barton.

"We called these boys up, and we said, ‘Listen, we need the best song. Don’t send us a bunch of songs. Just send us one song that you feel compelled, that needs to be on the radio, that needs to be heard. Something from your heart, and that feels like a LoCash song,'" Brust recently told The Boot and other reporters. "And we got some great songs."

Although LoCash admit that they could have "made a whole album out of the songs that we picked," they ended up choosing "The Fighters," written by Douglas, Clawson and Matt Dregstem.

"It’s appropriate for Chris and I because we fought so hard to get to this moment," Brust explains. "If you have ever fought a battle of your own, or know someone who has fought a battle, then this one is for you."

The Fighters' title track puts into words all of the the hard work that Brust and Lucas have done to find success in country music. After years of struggling nonstop without cracking the Top 40, LoCash recently earned their first gold-certified hit, "I Love This Life."

"It was a surprise, the gold record. It shocked me," Lucas concedes. "When I held that [gold record], in that moment, 10 years went by in my eyes, and it was an amazing feeling.

"It wasn’t just us that got there, and it wasn’t just overnight success that got us there," he adds. "The song keeps going, and I pray that it keeps selling."

With their latest single, "I Know Somebody," in the Top 30 and still climbing, LoCash hope to prove to other aspiring artists that hard work really does pay off in the end.

"A lot of Nashville knows exactly what we have been through," Lucas shares. "We’ve been through a lot more downs than ups; that is this industry. We’ve had other artists come up to us and say, ‘Man, you guys inspired us. You guys have showed us that if you never give up, dreams can come true.’ I know that sounds cliche and everything, but damn it, it’s the truth. We never did give up."

As LoCash pour all their energy into promoting The Fighters, both men are eager to take the next steps in their career.

"I really feel like LoCash has made a name now," Lucas tells The Boot. "I think that people are really starting to recognize who we are, put a face to the songs, and here we are."

The Fighters is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.