LoCash are, in many ways, the proverbial little engine that could -- and did. After spending years penning hits for other artists while trying to also make a name for themselves as a duo, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas have found chart success -- including a No. 1 single -- while on an independent label.

"We keep our foot on the gas," Brust tells The Boot. "We wake up working hard. It’s in our fabric."

LoCash, who also scored a Top 5 hit with "I Love This Life," the debut single from their 2016 album The Fighters, aren't about to take all of the credit for their recent rise in fame, however. The team at their label, Reviver Records, has played a major role as well.

"We just never had a fair shot at radio, and we wanted our fair shot at radio," explains Brust of LoCash's decision to sign with Reviver in 2014. "If it didn’t happen when we had a fair shot, then we’d walk away and say, ‘Okay, we had it.’ We never had a real team behind us, that left blood on the floor and just fought until the end, until Reviver. And then we had our fair shot, and here we are."

LoCash's third single from The Fighters, "Ring on Every Finger," is currently in the Top 40. Brust and Lucas headed to Las Vegas to film the music video for the tune, written by Thomas Rhett, Josh Kear and Jesse Frasure.

"People were walking around Vegas, singing our song in the casino, which, they’ve never allowed that," Lucas recalls. "We have a really good relationship with the MGM Resorts and Mandalay Bay. They took care of it."

Adds Brust, "Elvis showed up, and a priest. It’s like Clark Kent: If I turn my hat around, I look like a priest. And if I put a white jumpsuit on, I look like Elvis. Not saying it’s us -- I’m not saying it. You’re going to have to go back and watch it."

In 2017, LoCash earned an ACM Awards nomination for New Vocal Duo or Group of the Year. Still, as both individuals and artists, they're not going to rest on their laurels or change how they do things.

"I think our journey was so long and so tough at times that it’s easy to just be who we are and keep doing what we’ve been doing all along," Brust says. "We’re still doing 200-some shows a year. We’re still writing with the same guys we were writing with."

And Brust and Lucas will always have their moniker to remind them how far they've come.

"A lot of people don’t understand the name LoCash," Lucas explains. "The terminology for LoCash is that you remember where you came from and always stay humble. Look where you’re going. That’s where we’re at."

One thing that is markedly different from LoCash's early days, however, is their family life. These days, the guys are both dads: Brust is the proud father of one-year-old daughter Love Lily, and Lucas recently announced that he and his wife will welcome their third child in September.

"As young men, where we are right now and what’s going on in our career, it couldn’t be a better time," Lucas shares. "Would I have loved it to happen 10 years ago? Sure. But I don’t know if we could have handled it. We’re young dads right now ... When we talk about our kids, it makes us tear up, because it’s just the most amazing experience of all time. And when this is happening at the same time ... My wife’s proud. Our families are proud."

Their families, and their roles as dads, are a daily reminder of what's important in their lives -- and what is not.

"We used to feel like we had to do everything -- we had to be everywhere; we had to be at every single event. At least, I know I felt that way," Brust notes, "and I know that now, nothing trumps the time I want to spend with my little girl. So it’s like, I just feel like now we have a good balance of knowing when to be home, when to spend time with our family and when we really need to be out."

"The show is still fun and energetic and partying," adds Lucas with a laugh. "The after-party is not as much of a party."

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