Country band LiveWire have released their latest single from Way Out West Records.

'Drivin' You Outta My Mind' is the band's followup to their 2013 single, 'Whiskey Sunday,' which helped earn them a nomination for New Duo/Band/Group of the Year at the 2014 Texas Regional Radio Music Awards.

The track features frontman Andy Eutsler on vocals/acoustic guitar, along with band members Bobby DeGonia on electric guitars, Cory Shultz on fiddle and Brad Allen on drums. They were also joined by pedal steel guitarist Scott Kwapiszeski and Paul Carabello on guitar and bass.

Eutsler co-wrote the single with Johnny Bulford (Lee BriceChris Young) and former band members Danny Bell and Landon Rolfe, who left the band last year.

"In our long history as a band, many great players have come and gone, but the heart of LiveWire still beats strong," Eutsler says. "Our manager, Clif Doyal, really challenged us to pick up the pieces and reinvent ourselves, and to put more emphasis on my songwriting and the musical talent that we have in the band. So, we took a long hard look at where we were and we re-dedicated ourselves to taking this thing to another level."

'Drivin' You Outta My Mind' is available on iTunes and Amazon.