During a recently released episode of the beloved children’s TV show Sesame Street, Little Big Town teamed up with Elmo, Grover and Cookie Monster to perform a song written especially for the show. Press play above to hear "I Is for Instruments."

The 2017 ACM Awards Vocal Group of the Year, Little Big Town educate their Sesame Street friends about the diverse types of musical instruments in "I Is for Instruments.” In the clip, which is about two minutes long, LBT’s Karen Fairchild plays tambourine with Elmo, while Phillip Sweet rocks out on the guitar with Abby Cadabby ... and Cookie Monster launches into an epic saxophone solo!

“Our kids are so proud of us!” Little Big Town joked on Facebook prior to the debut of "I Is for Instruments" during Saturday's (April 29) episode of Sesame Street. As Rolling Stone notes, behind its simple lyrics, the song offers a deeper message, one that encourages kids to embrace and celebrate their differences.

"They look and sound so different, just like you and me,” sing Little Big Town alongside their favorite Sesame Street characters. “They still play great together, just like you and me."

Little Big Town are currently promoting "Happy People" as a single. Much like "I Is for Instruments," it's slightly pop and slightly folk, light and airy. Its message that everyone deserves a little happiness in life would fit right in on Sesame Street.

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