Along with their fans, Little Big Town are getting excited for their next album, Nightfall. In fact, the band is so excited that group member Philip Sweet nearly spilled the beans on a still-secret music video plans while the foursome was catching up with Taste of Country backstage at Hometown Rising 2019.

When it comes to music, the bandmates agree that something irreplicable happens when all four of them get in a room together. It's not as if they're categorically opposed to branching off and making solo albums, per se, but all four artists agree that the most special music comes from working together.

"We've talked about how much we love making records together, in that the push and pull between the four of us is where the magic lives," Sweet explains. "For us, that makes the creative process even more beautiful. I feel so proud of the work we've worked together on, so we're a band, and I think we'll always be a band."

That magic, the group goes on to explain, will come out in diverse ways on their next project, with each song bringing a special, distinct energy. "I think it's just more earthy," says Karen Fairchild of the record's title track. "The layering of the vocals, I mean, I think it's just beautiful on that song."

Bandmate Kimberly Schlapman adds that one of the new project's tracks, "Problem Child," is "my favorite song on the whole record."

"It will take your breath, when you hear the story of the song," she continues. "The title is 'Problem Child,' but it's about the fact that we all are in this together. We've all at one point felt like the problem child. And the question in the song is, 'What's your problem, child?' It's just, it's my favorite."

Nightfall is due for release on Jan. 17, 2020. The record will drop just one day after LBT performs a special album release show at New York City's famed Carnegie Hall, marking the first time a country group has played that venue since Alan Jackson in 2013.

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