The backlash over Little Big Town's latest single "Girl Crush" may not be as widespread as it first seemed.

A recent Washington Post story noted that some radio stations stopped playing the song because listeners were complaining that it promotes a gay agenda, but Billboard contacted a dozen prominent radio programmers from around the U.S. as part of an in-depth investigation, and most of them said that there were few to zero complaints about the single.

"I'm a narrow-minded, conservative, eighth-generation Texan, and I think the song is fine," says "Big Frank" Edwards, program director at KRYS in Corpus Christi, Texas.

"The song certainly is delivered from a more abstract perspective than what we're used to," notes Wes Poe from Kansas City, Mo.'s WDAF. "That takes a few more listens to grasp all the lyrics, but it seems pretty clear to me what they're getting at."

Only one of the radio stations that Billboard contacted recalled any complaints about the tune.

"We actually had a woman who paid an in-person visit to the station to express her concern for our airing of this song and, as she misinterpreted it, its threat to the moral integrity of country music," explains Chris Huff, who is the music director and assistant program director at KILT in Houston, Texas. "She seemed quite set in her conviction, and we simply thanked her for her feedback."

The Washington Post story included a quote from and link to a blog on, written by a Texas-based music director who goes by the name TexMex. In his post, the writer explains that "after explaining the song to more than a handful of people, every one of them responded with basically the same thing (paraphrased): 'You are just promoting the gay agenda on your station, and I am changing the channel and never listening to you ever again!!'"

In response to Billboard's article, issued a response that defends the blog post.

"I kept the OP’s anonymity because I respected what he had brought to the blog and didn’t want his job to be threatened," the website's owner, Vickye, states. "But now our site’s credibility is being threatened, and more and more outlets are talking about it potentially being fake.

"His name is Lee France," she continues. "He is the music director for WACO 100 FM and KAGG-FM in Texas. Both are iHeartMedia stations.

"Now let’s stop spreading s--t about a blog that has done literally nothing wrong," Vickye concludes. "Thanks."

Ironically, LBT recorded the song at least partially because of the impact it would have on the airwaves.

“It could be a bit of a game changer on country radio right now,” Fairchild said when "Girl Crush" was released last December. “There are not many women on the radio and not many ballads with that kind of lyrical content. I’m excited. Already, radio’s support has been huge out of the gate.”

"Girl Crush" is currently at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, up one spot from last week.

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