Little Big Town have released the video for their new single, 'Day Drinking.'

The video was shot in the Miami Beach area, with the opening scene filmed near American Airline Stadium, where the Miami Heat had a playoff game scheduled that night. Shooting may have been rushed for the game, but the band still had fun.

"We had a lot of fun shooting the video," singer Phillip Sweet tells People Country. "It captured the spirit and energy of the song."

The single is the first to be released from the foursome's upcoming album, 'Painkiller.'

“With ‘Day Drinking,’ we had a blast that day because we were drinking and writing songs,” band member Karen Fairchild says. “It’s like the tip of the iceberg on the record. It’s its own work. I don’t know how to describe it. It went differently in the studio than the last record did.”

The band will be spending most of their summer on the road. See a list of their upcoming concerts here, and download ‘Day Drinking’ here.