Lindi Ortega's song "Lovers in Love" is getting the lyric video treatment, and she's letting The Boot's readers see the new clip first. Press play above to watch.

A slow and tender waltz, "Lovers in Love" comes from Ortega's Liberty album, released in March. It's the final track to Part II of the concept album, a sweet ode to redemptive love that precedes a triumphant finish.

"Some leave, some stay, when the going gets tough," goes the chorus. "That's the difference between lovers and lovers in love."

In late August, Ortega released this re-imagined duet version of the song featuring fellow Canadian artist Corb Lund. It's part of her Liberty Parkhill Sessions, which features three songs from Liberty and was recorded at Parkhill Studios in Calgary, Alberta.

"Some lovers meet out on the street / They make out, move in and move on," Ortega sings. Adds Lund, "And there's ones like us / That can't get enough / With you is where I belong."

The original version of "Lovers in Love" features harmonica work from Charlie McCoy.

Ortega has a number of tour dates scheduled in November. Readers can visit to get the details.

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